My name is Cole Kindrick and I am interested in pursuing a degree in Business. I hope to use this degree in Business to help me get a job in the oil and gas field, but if I cannot find a job in the oil and gas field, or my preference changes I would gladly accept any other job where Business majors are needed. Since I don’t know a whole lot about what Business professionals discuss when they’re talking about Business, I would say that they focus on Business aspects that pertain to certain jobs. In this semester of courses I am taking an entrepreneurship class that pertain to the field of Business. In this course we have discussed things like the risk of starting a new Business. Since many people are afraid of the risks that are associated with entrepreneurship,like not having any money, they are not even willing to try starting a new Business. On the contrary, if an entrepreneur is successful, they could end up making millions. In order to start their own Business, an entrepreneur will need to receive donations from people that are interested in the entrepreneurs product, and most of the time once people get a large sum of money, they do not want to spend it and run the risk of it all going to waste. The reason I would like to pursue a major in the field of Business is because my father and my brother majored in Business in college, and it seemed like it would interest me as well.

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