Finding a research topic

stock-market-3When I was deciding which topic I was going to choose for my research paper, I knew that I wanted to research the major that I am studying. The next step I had to do is take my very vague and generalized topic of Business and think of several ways I could go with that topic. I had my main idea of Business in the middle and right below that I had oil and gas because I knew that I would like to work in the oil and gas field with a Business degree. I also thought of some other ideas that Business would apply to such as starting a business and managing a business. After I did that, I met with my group to discuss the ideas I had come up with and see if they could elaborate on any of the ideas that I had already come up with. When I said that I wanted to do something in the oil and gas business, someone said that a good topic to do research on would be finding all the reasons that the gas prices fluctuate. When I heard that, it sounded like a pretty interesting topic to me, so I decided that my research topic was no longer going to be oil and gas, it was going to be what causes the gas prices to fluctuate. When I went into the library of Wednesday, we had to do the same process, but it was more detailed. I ended up switching my research topic again to what causes the fluctuations in the stock market.


Here is a link to a stock market article



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