factors-that-affect-the-stock-marketThe main thetorical device that I used in my Infographic is logos. I used this rhetorical device in all of my examples because all of my examples came from other sources. The examples I used in my infographic tell some of the things that cause changes in the stock market. When people look at my infographic, my hope is that they will learn some of the things that cause the stock market to change that they probably never thought of before.

When creating my infographic, I reflected on my initial research topic which is “what causes the changes in the stock market” to help me get an idea on how my infographic was going to look. I knew that I was going to use pictures in my infographic to show the examples I was going to use. I also knew that under each of the pictures, I had to provide a brief caption that described how the picture reflected the information that I collected from my sources. In the middle of my examples, I would need to have a picture of my research question so the viewer would know the topic that my research question covered. When doing this infographic, I knew that I didn’t want to have a lot of confusing information that might be hard for the viewer to understand. Instead, I wanted the information that I gathered from my research question to be easy enough for me to have a firm understanding of the subject that I was going to be talking about, and I wanted the information to be simple enough for the viewer to get a firm grasp on what the infographic was conveying.

The only way for me to make an effective use of the information that I gathered, and make the information easy enough for the viewer and I to understand, was to organize the infographic by having pictures of what the information was talking about and captions underneath each of the pictures describing how the pictures related to the information that I was trying to convey. When I was making this infographic I wanted to make something that had information on it that viewers had never seen before so they would be able to learn something new by looking at the infographic that I had created. I think that when most people see my infographic, the information provided will be information that the viewer has never seen before. When constructing my infographic, the visual format that I chose naturally revealed itself to me because I knew that the visual format that I chose would be the most effective to display the information that I found about my research topic.

When constructing my infographic, I knew that I wanted to provide information that no one had never seen before that would be interesting for the viewer to see. I didn’t want the information that I provided in my infographic to be boring for the viewer to see and not learn anything from. The main rhetorical device that I used in my infographic was logos because all the information that I found provided a logical appeal to my research question.







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